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About the Founder


Originally having a successful career in business and marketing, Nerida Lamprill has worked extensively designing and implementing a range of award winning accredited and non-accredited programs for business organisations and the community services sector.

Nerida's background is extremely diverse,which enables her to design course content and communicate effectively with a wide range of people. This includes being a business owner, multi-store Subway franchisee, award winning career in sales, marketing and the fashion industry, and recent achievements working in the community sector with the long term unemployed, offenders and people with a disability or mental health issues.

Nerida's innovative communication style has seen her invited to be a keynote speaker at conferences nationally and internationally in the business and community services sector.

Nerida's training as a Colourist, personal stylist, fashion designer and hairdresser assists participants to achieve a high level of personal presentation and grooming that builds self-confidence in individuals and contributes to team morale.


Success Foundations will impact and influence society globally by empowering and unlocking the strengths and potential capabilities of individuals regardless of perceived ability or disability, enabling them to fulfilling their destiny and be accepted as highly valued global citizens


The mission of Success Foundations is to shift mindsets,uncover individual strengths, increase self-confidence, and improve the social and communication skills of individuals, regardless of perceived barriers.We do this through our innovative progressive education and training related to self discovery,personal presentation and marketing, etiquette and networking skills.Success Foundations actively promotes self value and acceptance in a way that assists individuals to reach their goals.


Various businesses and organisations including:

Playford Council
Charles Sturt Council
Polaris Centre
Sabre Corp
SA Correctional Services
NSW and SA Education Departments
Down Syndrome SA and NSW
Misson Australia
Campbell Page
Everyone Coaching
Adelaide University
Enhance Training
As well as numerous NGOs and youth and women's groups

Formal Qualifications

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment LLN

Diploma in Mental Health and AOD

Certificate IV in Disability

Certificate IV in Mental Health

Certificate IV in Community Services

Subway Franchisee 

Certificates in Sales and Marketing 

Certificate in Personal Styling and Personal Colour

Certificate III in Fashion Design

ATM and CTM Toastmaster International

Certificate III in Hairdressing

Certificate Coaching For Success Small Business Program


Respect - Every person deserves to be treated with respect

Inclusion - All individuals have a something to contribute to society regardless of ability, disability, education, culture, or past experiences.

Dignity - Acting in a way that values people as individuals

Excellence –A spirit of excellence will drive everything we do will to ensure our clients get the best possible outcomes.

Progressive – Constantly challenging our processes, values and attitudes will keeps us relevant
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