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Art of Excellent Customer and Client Service

Developing a customer and client service culture 

In today's changing business, community and disability sector, it is essential that your organisation provides a outstanding customer experience every single time

What is Outstanding Customer Service?

  • Rapport building

  • Active listening

  • Attitude

  • Professional communication 

  • Opening statement

  • Fact-finding 

  • Understanding the decision making process

  • Handling complaints well

  • Follow up

Its all of this and much more.Success foundations provides your organisation with the skills and knowledge to respond effectively to customer and client needs from first contact to responding to consumer feedback.

There a saying in customer service that states

" its the ants that bite hardest not the elephants".

Having build a successful award winning sales career on customer service,our trainer will motivate your team to produce an outstanding service culture to grow your organisation.

Business development

Sales is not a dirty word.Sales is suppling a need for your customer or client  and its a skill that can be learnt to produce effective results for all concerned.

Success Foundations workshops gives your sales and business development staff the key fundamentals to grow your business or organisation.

Workshop Content

  • Strategic planning

  • Effective cold calling and prospecting

  • Using the phone to build business

  • Getting appointments with the decision maker

  • Self marketing and person presentation

  • Communication techniques

  • Discover personality styles and know how to market to each style

  • Uncover clients needs 

  • Know your Unique Selling Point to meet client needs

  • Prepare your client or product

  • Selling skills

  • Closing

Success Foundations  runs regular workshops or individual client coaching.Workshops also can be designed in partnership with existing organisational programs. Contact us now.
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