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Effective Communication

The number one fear of the human race is public speaking. Speaking and communicating is not the same thing. 
We often think talking is communicating, but unless the receiver is engaged and perceiving the same message, our communication is nothing but white noise.

Effective communication is a learnt skill. Developing excellent communication skills is absolutely essential to leadership, giving you dynamic outcomes in your sphere of influence

Outcomes from attending our course

  • You will become an effective communicator.

  • Overcome nerves when presenting.

  • Use non verbal cues to enhance your communication.

  • Understand your personal body language when communicating.

  • Learn how to construct a presentation to suit your audience.

  • Knowledge of audience learning styles.

  • Strategies to engage your audience.

  • Increased self confidence.

  • Know how to deliver a dynamic presentation.

  • Overcome nerves when presenting.

  • Identify your communication style.

Success Foundations  runs regular workshops or individual client coaching.Workshops also can be designed in partnership with existing organisational programs. Contact us now.
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