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As the saying goes “You can’t judge a book by its cover” but the reality is, we all do. 

Personal Presentation

Empowering for Success

We make judgements when meeting some on based on our first impressions.“The halo effect “is a study that was done about this judgement process we go through and its impacts.  The halo effect, named by psychologist Edward Thorndike, is a cognitive bias in which an observer's overall impression of a person, influences the observer's feelings and thoughts about that person’s character or abilities. The halo effect will also affect how they continue to interact with that person. 


Workshops empowering men and  women to rediscover personal uniqueness, build on strengths and the power of personal presentation to create that positive first impression.These workshops are for individuals of all backgrounds, from business professionals to men and mothers groups.

Workshops include:

Personal presentation.

This is a practical area starts the process of changing attitudes towards self-acceptance and gains knowledge in presentation for business and employment.


  • Dressing for your body shape

  • Know your personal colours 

  • Dressing for job interviews

  • Hair styling to suit your facial shape

  • Skin Care 

  •  Make up /Nail Care



  • Identifying negative attitudes, inner belief systems and comfort zones that can create barriers to employment and a successful life and will show when first meeting someone.

  • Understanding self sabotage and change in your life.

  • Discovering your Personality style and that of others, to enhance better communication.

  • Love languages and working with them to build strong relationships.


Discovering your “WHY“

  • Discovering your true passions in life is not always easy, but is essential for self-motivation and for you to achieve you goals.

  • Exercises for positive mental health.

  • Dream board and hero board construction to move to a brighter future.



  • Learning the skills of how to start a conversation,build friendships to further your networks and social circles.

Daily mapping and time management

  • Goal setting to get results

  • Time management to get more out of life

  • Routines for family and children

Success Foundations  runs regular workshops or individual client coaching.  We partner with various networking groups, women's and mothers groups to enhance existing programs and impart skills in particular areas of need for the organisation. Contact us now for more info.
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