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Mentoring and Coaching

Youth and Young Adults

In too many cases, bullying is a cover-up for insecurity, negative body image and lack of self-value and self-acceptance. Mental health is on the rise among our youth and self-image is often a factor.


A positive body image is feeling satisfied and accepting the way you look.Positive body image is strongly connected to positive self-esteem, healthy lifestyle choices and good mental health. It’s important to lay this positive foundation in childhood, as it often results in decreased confidence in adulthood.

Our workshops come from hands on experience working with at risk young people or young people with complex needs in schools, state care, specialised youth programs and with disabilities and mental health concerns.

Our workshops are for school students in years 5-12 will:

  • Build self value, which leads to valuing others.

  • Understanding self acceptance and what it means

  • Change negative stereotypes of body image and build self confidence regardless of body shape.

  • Empower young people at an early age to take pride in their personal appearance boosting confidence.

  • Prepare a foundation for future employment.

Love my Shape - Dressing for your body shape

Love my shape
  • Discover different body shapes and learn how to create balance to bring out your strengths.

  • Understand what shapes, patterns, fabrics work effectively to your advantage so you look your absolute best.

  • Learn the meaning of colour and how it influences perceptions. 

  • Discover the right colours for you to enhance your features.

Discover Me - I'm unique

  • Nurturing a positive view of the oneself

  • Discovering your "WHY" in life.

  • Dream boards / personal goal setting and how to get into an activity to achieve your dreams and goals.

  • The power of self acceptance and how to achieve it.

  • Tools to support positive mental health. 

  • Positive self image knowing your uniqueness and value. 

Personality styles

Personality Styles
  • Understanding different personalities styles and behaviours to enhance better communication with people.

  • 5 love languages. Gain a better insight into your own responses and those around you so healthy relationships can be built.



Hair styling

  • Styling to suit your face shape features.

  • What colours work with your skin tones so you present the best you.

Skin Care

  • Correct skin care regimes so you look healthy.

  • Practical application of skin care products e.g. cleanser, toner, moisturiser etc.

  • Making your own products.

Make up

  • Applying makeup correctly to enhance features (basic for primary).

  • makeup for intervews

Nail Care

  • Complete a manicure.

Building a working wardrobe

  • How to dress for an interview and different job categories.

  • Shopping on a budget

  • Know your basics and how to build on them.

Enhancing relationships

  • Develop good networking skills to increase you social networks and enhance employment prospects.

Body language

  • Learning about verbal and non verbal communication to develop connection with others.


  • Table and social etiquette - for daily, or formal situations to build confidence in any situation.

  • Learn the art of good manners.

Work Ready for Grade 10 - 12


Employability skills- In today's job market you need more then just a good resume.You need to know how to sell yourself.


 This  series workshops will cover:

  • Knowing your USP (Unique Selling Point).

  • How to construct a resumé an employer will look at.

  • Effectively relate your skills to the job in a simple effective way

  • Interview skills and communication.

  • Body language in an interview.

  • Effectively answer common interview questions.

  • Dressing for an interview and person marketing

Cold calling effectively

  • How to cold call on the phone.

  • Face to face cold calling to get to the key person.

  • Understanding the employer's mindset.

Men's and Women's Groups

Groups can be run as a unisex model or as separate men's and women's groups.

Workshops include:

Personal Marketing and Presentation

Personal marketing
  • First impressions count when going for accommodation, or a job interview. A Personal Stylist will advise on dressing for an individual’s body shape, colour suitability and general grooming, nail care, hair and hygiene basics.

  • Studies show that changing physiology can change the mental state of a person. Personal presentation is used as a tool to regain pride and dignity and to boost self-confidence and self-belief. 

  • Budgeting on the outside is a practical life-skill session. 

Work Ready

Work ready mens and womens

Know my USP (Unique Selling Point) 

  •  Participants will be coached on how to market them self to potential employers or clients.


Effective Cold Calling 

  • Whether it’s finding a place to stay, calling on a new client or job seeking. Cold calling by phone or in person takes a specific technique to get results quickly. 



  • How to construct a résumé that an employer will look at.

  • Drawing out strengths and skills.



  • Interview etiquette.

  • Body language in an interview.

  • How to answer common interview questions.

Building Self Confidence and Self Esteem

self confidence

 "WHY "
Knowing want you want and why, instils self motivation based on a person's individual goals and enables the participant to plan positive actions they will take to a pro social life.This interactive motivational session also challenges false thinking and fears, and instils self motivation, self control and rational decision-making based on a participant's "WHY" in life.


Your attitude determines your altitude.

  • Self acceptance and self-value is essential to creating lasting change. A positive attitude is a learnt discipline. We explore different techniques to achieve this.

  • Good communication skills play a vital role in future success. Understanding verbal and non-verbal communication is essential to gaining employment and building healthy relationships.


Personality Styles and behaviours.

  • Understanding personality styles and behaviours is key to building healthy relationships with people and marketing yourself to employers or clients.


Networking / good manners 

  • Learning the skill of how to start a conversation and to network.

  • Business and social etiquette

Success Foundations  runs regular workshops or individual client coaching.Workshops can also be designed in partnership with existing organisational programs.  Contact us now for more details.
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