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Nerida Lamprill speaking at WDSC 2015
Nerida Lamprill is an effective passionate communicator with the ability  to connect with people from diverse backgrounds to empower and motivate people influencing a positive change in their life.

Keynote / Conference Speaker

An initial award winning career in the Fashion industry and then excelling in Sales & Marketing in several industries, and a successful multi site franchise owner, Nerida now transfers these communication skills to coach and train people nationally and internationally.  

Specialising in personal presentation and personal marketing, Nerida uses this as a platform to challenge mind sets on self acceptance, self image and negative mindsets. Nerida's past work as a youth worker, consulting with agencies to assist long term unemployed, lived experience with mental health and a son with multiple disabilities have seen Nerida sort after in the community service and disability sector.

Nerida launched " Love My Shape" her first book in Chennai India  in August 2015. This gained notable media attention in both Australia and India. 

Nerida is a passionate advocate for those living in disadvantage and gives back to the community in many ways one of which is as a volunteer in the Adelaide Women's Prison presenting workshops in personal presentation, employability skills and motivating change in participants. 

Accredited qualifications in Mental health and AOD, Disability, Community Services and a certified trainer, combined with training in acting and comedy, makes Nerida Lamprill a versatile  and entertaining conference speaker.

  • Nominated for " Citizen of Year" by Charles Sturt Council

  • Awarded " Business of the Year "by Playford Council.

  • Awarded " Spirit of Arbonne" for leadership and community service

  • Awarded numerous awards in sales and fashion sectors 

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