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Employment Skills

Employability Skills and Personal marketing skills


"If you keep doing the same thing you get the same results"
Jobseekers and students don’t need more soft skill courses.They need personal marketing skills.


Standing out is more than CV content. Interviews are about selling and marketing yourself. Success Foundations teaches job seekers the art of selling, so you can outperform the competition.

After consultation with employer groups and HR recruiters, the common complaints about applicants were:

  • Bad attitudes.

  • Bad personal grooming of applicants.

  • Applicants unable to answer basic interview questions appropriately. 


When talking to jobseekers we identified these common issues

  • Fear of rejection, so they do not actively look for work.

  • Lack of self belief, so they sabotage an interview.

  • Lack of awareness of appropriate personal presentation standards.

  • Unsure how to approach an employer to ask for work.

  • Didn’t know how to answer basic interview questions.

First Impressions

First Impressions

Stand out for the right reasons”
Job seekers are told "first impressions count", but this area is often the most overlooked when going for a job interview. A Personal Stylist will advise on dressing for an individual’s body shape and colour suitability etc. Research, called the "Halo Effect", shows this is a vital area to get right.

“The halo effect"  is a cognitive bias in which an observer's overall first impression of a person, influences the observer's feelings and thoughts about that person’s character or abilities. 

cold calling

Effective Cold Calling

"Nothing changes until you change something” 

Don’t set clients or yourself up to fail. Cold calling by phone or in person takes a specific technique to get the desired result of getting an appointment and eventually a job. Participant will be coached by an award winning B 2 B sales person.

Get into Activity


"Success is never found in a comfort zone"

This interactive motivational session challenges mindsets, fears, and self-value - vital to get job seeker into the activity needed to finding employment. To ensure effective activity, time management is also covered in this unit.

Your Attitude determines your Altitude


“I can’t hear what you’re saying because your attitude is yelling at me”
The job seeker's attitude will always come through and determine success in an interview. Verbal and non-verbal communication must send the same message to the employer.

“To effectively communicate we must realise we all perceive the world differently”
Understanding personality behaviours is absolutely essential to knowing how to market yourself to different employers and for resume construction..Understanding this area will give you the edge in an interview, build confidence and give you the winning edge.

Know my USP (Unique Selling Point)


“What’s unique about you? Why should I hire you”
A high percentage of job seekers can't answer the basic question: “tell me about yourself?” Jobseekers will be coached, interviewed then evaluated to make sure they know how to sell themselves effectively

Work Ready

Work Ready
  • Discovering your "WHY". 

  • How to construct a resumé an employer will look at.

  • Effectively translate your past skills to the position.

  • Resumé layout.

  • Interview skills and communication.

  • Body language in an interview.

  • How to answer common interview questions.

Extra workshops to overcome barriers when in employment

  • Good mental health and mastering stress.

  • Public speaking.

  • Conflict management. 

  • Communication at work.

  • Building self confidence and self value.

  • Time management and family routines.

  • Personal presentation - hands on in makeup, nail care, hair, hygiene basics. 

  • Facebook.

Success Foundations  runs regular workshops or individual client coaching.Workshops can also be designed in partnership with existing organisational programs.  Contact us now for more details.
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