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India embraces Nerida lamprill and "Love my Shape"the book

Nerida Lamprill was an Invited guest to speak at the the DARE social inclusion conference to mark 25 years of the DARE school and enterprises in Munnar India. The paper Nerida presented spoke on the Importance of personal presentation and its vital role in a holistic approach to social inclusion was overwhelmingly received.

Personal presenatioion vital to Social Inclusion

DARE conference India, Nerida Lamprill spoke on the importance of Personal Presentation on Social Inclusion

City Of Playford

City of Playford coordinates and delivers programs to increase independence for local people living with either an Intellectual Disability or Mental Health issues, by providing information and skills development opportunities in areas including:

  • Self-motivation and personal responsibility 

  • Budgeting 

  • Social Connections 

  • Parenting 

  • Employment Preparation 

  • Personal presentation, good health and hygiene 

To ensure the community receives the best possible outcomes, I engaged the professional services of Nerida Lamprill from Success Foundations. Nerida has been delivering workshops to various groups that I coordinate for about. 4 years now. Nerida is always professional, enthusiastic, understanding and compassionate to individuals' requirements. Nerida works from a strengths based model, encouraging group participants to realise their talents and develop the confidence to be the best they can be.

Evaluations show that the workshop Nerida facilitates on personal presentation / employment preparation or training and everyday living is the highlight of the program. Quotes such as: “I feel beautiful for the first time ever” / “I can’t believe that it’s taken me 46 years to know this stuff” / “Nerida made me feel special” / “I wish I had a date tonight because I feel confident for a change”, make it clear that this information, and the way it is delivered, makes a huge difference to the community.

Nerida does this in an atmosphere of fun and inclusion, giving people, who are marginalised or disadvantaged the confidence to challenge their limitations and believe in themselves enough to move out of their comfort zone.

Yours sincerely,

Lee Norsworthy
Social Inclusion Co-ordinator City of Playford
Ph: 8256 0107

Emily Russ, Photo shoot / grooming day

Thank you Nerida for the wonderful opportunity you afforded Emily to feel good about herself.
Emily is 18 and has always wanted to be "beautiful like my sister" 

Emily loved having her makeup done, and she really did look lovely. Having her hair done was not her favourite thing, but she sat still and persevered because she knew she wanted her hair to look good.
She felt very beautiful and loved the camera and the earrings! When we went to change her outfit she told me she "loved the photo shoot". When I asked her why she said because she was beautiful.
So beautiful in fact that I was told by Emily that this "hair and make up" needed to go out for lunch and not to Maccas but a restaurant! She was just so excited and confident about her look that she needed to walk very slowly to the buffet, I guess so everyone got the chance to appreciate just how good she looked.
Thank you so very much again Nerida.

Sonya Russ

Workskil Australia

Nerida has always been extremely engaging with all people of the community and quickly breaks down barriers when working with disadvantaged people. Nerida was a joy to watch while delivering training for VTEC.

Michelle Rankine (VTEC Team Leader)

Jack, Grooming for young adults with Down Syndrome

Jack is a pretty outgoing 13-year-old young man. Any opportunity he gets to jump on a stage, grab a microphone or pose for a camera - he's there! But these opportunities don't come around very often, and when they do Jack does not always look the part.
So when I heard about what Nerida had to offer, I jumped at the chance to get Jack involved. I knew he would enjoy the experience of being shown how to dress and do his hair to look sharp and then become the centre of attention for a few moments in a fun photo shoot.

The results are outstanding. The pictures speak for themselves.

These could be used as part of a personal portfolio for Jack to break into the modelling or acting scene.
He really enjoyed the process with Nerida, and I have really enjoyed the results! Jack has been walking with a spring in his step and has had a boost of confidence lately. I would definitely put this down, in part, to his make-over experience with Nerida.

Emma Hobbs-Dicker

Before I met Nerida from the Success Foundations team I had decided to leave school altogether. I was a young mum with my first baby and found myself at home feeling very unhappy and unmotivated about life.

Completing the courses Empowering Women for Success, Personal Presentation and Social Skills boosted my confidence and motivation to make my life better for my family and myself.

I went out and obtained my driver’s licence and have enrolled back in school. I am determined to finish my studies no matter what, so I can be an example to my family and friends. 

After doing the course, I now take a lot more care and pride with my personal presentation, which I found helped change my mindset. I value myself again. I have found myself taking leadership and control of my life and now I encourage others to do the same. The Success Foundations course changed my life and now I am paying it forward and helping others as well.


Emma Dobbs-Dicker

Adelaide Hills Women's Business Network

What a great first event for the Adelaide Hills Business Women's Network.
Nerida was wonderful and very easy to relate to and taught us so much.

Di Thompson 

Business Coach


Nerida was enthusiastic and very enjoyable to listen to. I found her information useful and have taken away a number of useful tips I will use in the future. Excellent speaker and made everyone feel comfortable.  I   would recommend this presentation.

Kelly Thompson - Ark Angel creations


The energy Nerida brings is infectious and it was really enjoyable. I would recommend this to others

Tina Tedesco- Vella

Picture story


Would recommend this. Nerida helped me to rethink my perceived self esteem.

Clare Juson

CY Legal


Hi, I need to tell you that I have known Nerida for a couple of years and she presented to a group of ladies in a coaching group of mine. It was excellent and Nerida made the topic very entertaining. Being the only bloke in the session, I was amazed to learn that there was so much to know but a few basic rules made it easy to look great. Highly recommended

Gordon Kay 

Adelaide Hills business centre CEO


To whom it may concern,


I would like to begin with THANK YOU! Thank you “Success Foundations”. I have been a job seeker for the last 6 years. I lost my passion for my trade after dealing painfully with injuries that left me out of work 6 years ago. With time, my injuries healed. However, my confidence and direction had taken a spiral downfall.

The last 12 months of my life I have been working towards regaining control in my life, which includes family and finding direction and passion within my career.

Through Mission Australia, my Job Service Australia provider, I was enrolled in the “Success Foundations” course. I had been thinking for a few months prior to the course of returning to my true passion, hairdressing. I lacked confidence; I did not feel I fit the “part” any more. I did not look fashionable and certainly did not come across with any confidence required by the industry. I felt that after my injuries I surely missed my opportunity.

“Success Foundations” with Nerida opened up the doors for me and exposed me to my fears. The course is structured around self-image. Knowing what works best for your body type and skin tones, to present yourself and succeed in the job interviews which lay ahead.

I found the staff so kind and helpful. Instead of judging me, they brought out what I failed to see within myself. I began to see my spirit lift and I noticed I started gaining momentum. I started feeling confident. With Nerada’s positive views of myself I really began to feel I could go back into hairdressing once more.
I found some work almost immediately in the hairdressing industry. I am now enrolled in the NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) program. I am about to complete my Certificate 4 in Small Business Management.

I am about to begin my journey as a small business operator, being that of my very own salon. I have come from having a low self esteem, not motivated, very depressed to being a bright, bubbly, confident and motivated go getter.

I have “Success Foundations” to thank for my shift in thinking good about myself.
I strongly urge other women and men to complete the “Success Foundations” workshop. You will leave feeling good about yourself and will gain new friends too. This is a very safe way to network when you have been out of the workforce for a while. I would love to see “Success Foundations II” evolve. To come back and see how far we have all come.

Thank you for believing in me and bringing out of me what was sleeping away inside. I feel complete finally, and I like what I see in the mirror and how I’m projecting this out to my peers and public around me.


Yours Sincerely Sophia Georgiadis Salon owner of: HEAD START

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